December 25, 2004
I got these glass slides from Falk Gadiesh in March 2003. After scanning and uploading them in December 2004, I got details about the photos by email from my mother, Miryam. The original notes were also scanned off the glass plates. A couple of the photos were professionally touched up.

Falk also sent the following email:

Edna –
I am very impressed by what you did with the old glass pictures, in particular that I am definitely no computer expert. The verbal description accompanying the pictures was in my father’s handwriting witch I haven’t seen for a long time. I must have in my “archives” more Hahn-Haendler photos on paper which should be better preserved. I’ll have a look and if so I’ll “loan” them to your mother who, I am sure, will make them computer-friendly so you may have access to them.
Best regards and wishes for 2005.

The rest of this page are Miryam’s notes and comments:

My grandfather Gustav Hahn and his wife Amalie(Haendler).
Gustav & Amalie Hahn

Great-grandmother Amalie Hahn (Haendler).
Amalie Hahn Amalie

This photo was taken on the birthday of Amalie (31.5). I believe it was her 60th birthday, which she spent at a place called “Alte Heide”, probably together with the Langers. I assume Fanny Langer was her sister (she had 7 sisters and one brother). Savta used to tell me that all her children made a surprise visit to her. At the end of May the lilac bloomed and they appeared, each of them carrying a huge bunch of lilac.
The people on the photo are:
Heinrich Hahn, Ilse Gruenfeld, Max Gruenfeld (these two are the parents of Falk Gadiesh), Hanna Koenigsfeld, Lisbeth Hahn (Savta) Max Koenigsfeld.
In front sitting: Paul Langer (brother in law of Amalie?) Vera Koenigsfeld (my cousin in Brazil), Amalie, Susi (sister of Vera, died about 1940), Fanny Langer (sister of Amalie?).


Holding the baby is Amalie Hahn. The oldest lady her mother Haendler (can’t recall her first name). Than we have my aunt Hanna Koenigsfeld and the baby is her daughter Vera Koenigsfeld.
Four Generations

Sitting boy: Heinrich Hahn. Smallest girl Ilse Hahn, second LisbethHahn. Standing blond girl Frieda Rothenstein, standing boy Leo Rothenstein, dark girl Hanna Rothenstein
Hahn-Rothenstein Kids

Standing in the back is Leo Rothenstein (Opa), next to him Heinrich Hahn. In front Frieda Lion, a lady I do not recognise, Ilse Gruenfeld, and posssibly Fritz Hahn. In the front Lisbeth Hahn (savta holding a “tarnegol” )

Hahn-Rothenstein Kids II

The happy couple are of course my parents. In front are Susi Koenigsfeld, Falk Gadiesh, Vera Koenigsfeld. behind, Ilse Gruenfeld, Nora (Norle) Hahn, Alfred Kauffmann, Lisbeth Kauffmann (Hahn)
Between my parents possibly my grandmother Eva Kauffmann, next to my mother I do not know (guesswork – a distant relative called Martha) behind her Hanna Koenigsfeld, next to Martha? Heinrich Hahn and behind him Joseph Kauffmann – my grandfather. There is only one person unaccounted for, the gentleman at the back who holds a hand over the right eye.

Some more comments after the photo was professionally fixed (Jan 7, 2005):
The photo is amazing! The old lady between my parents is my grandmother Eva Kauffmann, to my best knowledge and belief. On the other side of Savta, towards uncle Heinrich, is probably the distant relative, I have remembered her name – Martha Foerster. The man with the smudge over his left eye is Max Koenigsfeld, husband of Hanna K. So we have really only one person unaccounted for, sitting behind my grandmother, we’ll never know…..
Hahn-Kauffmann Wedding

The sweet little girl is myself (Miryam). The lady without head is Savta and the man Heinrich Hahn. The photo was taken in Zehlendorf, a suburb of Berlin, where Norle and Heinrich lived.

caption Marianchen